Philadelphia escorts: it's time to learn to fuck a penis

You must understand that for a man to achieve maximum pleasure from him, it is essential to know how to caress a penis ideally. Because caresses before sex are important to generate heat and that everything is ready for penetration. That will guarantee a better enjoyment at the time of sex and have an incredible time.

Philadelphia escorts must know how to caress a man's penis to give all the pleasure. That is why you must learn to do it so that you leave your clients speechless. Be on the lookout for the next tips to help you become a pro.

Escort tricks: how to play a penis

It is essential that you always caress him gently and with all the eroticism you can. Take care of your nails as a scratch will accidentally damage the moment and lose the heat of your client. Even the erection that you already generated may be lost, so be careful. Begin by doing very carefully and step by step by first massaging over the pants. So that it is already hot and the erection forms little by little.

The next step you need to do is unbuckle the belt and unzip the pants. If you have no objection, it is because you like it and everything is going smoothly. When you have the penis in your hand, start the gentle movements from the bottom up without actually masturbating. Only caresses for the moment since masturbation is later. Remember to knead the penis with the palms of your hands and fingertips.

Do not be shy and also caress the testicles way they will not be so monotonous, and this step will be charming. You will be able to wrap it around your fingers and touch them slowly with great care. Remember that the testicles are very sensitive, so do not make a rough movement to ruin the message. While doing this, use your other hand and stroke the penis. Right at this point, there is no doubt that this man will be very hot.

Wait that the massage is not over yet because an important step is to stimulate the perineum. This area is located between the scrotum and the anus of the man. That is, it is the continuation of the penis. Here is behind the testicles, and it is one of the g-points that a man has. That is why it is necessary to achieve pleasure.

What else should a female escort know about fucking a penis?

It would be best if you ended up with a great blow job. So that once you have performed the caress in the most incredible way possible. You still need one last pass to make a good night the best night for your client.

To become a machine and start delivering your best. Right now, the man is so aroused that when you go to lick and suck him, they don't last long. So he will not have to suck his client's penis too much when he is there. He will have the best orgasm of his life. Stop wasting time and learn to caress a penis, or do you need an escort service to do it?